Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

Absolutely. Though dogs make up the majority of my clients, I am more than happy to photograph cats, horses, rabbits or even something more exotic.

How far will you travel?

I have no restrictions on distance but outside of a 40 mile radius of Ecclefechan(DG11) I will charge a mileage fee of 40p per mile. I am happy to give you a quote before you book.

Can I have more than two animals photographed?

Definitely, but depending how many there are and their temperaments, it helps if you can bring along an extra pair of hands to the session.

Where does the shoot take place?

It all depends on your pet – their breed, age, health, fitness. We can discuss what will best suit them whether it’s a meander through woods, a romp on the beach or staying around your home.

Can I be in the photos?

Yes – that connection between you and your companion can make the most poignant images. I am not a family photographer so the animal will always be the key element in your photographs.

My pet is very energetic and will not stay still/is very timid. What happens in this scenario?

I will always work with the temperament of your pet and design the session to suit them. Dogs can be kept on the lead if they are a little more boisterous as leads can be retouched out at the editing stage. If animals are nervous I will spend a bit of time in their company until they relax before I start the session. We can decide on a quiet location or do the shoot around your home and garden if necessary.

What happens after I book?

Once you have booked a session we will have a pre-session conversation so that I can find out what you would like to get from this experience and also a feel for the character of the animal I will be working with. I also have a Session prep sheet which I will send to you so you understand what clothes to wear (if you want to be in any of the photos); what to do with your pet ie. give them a short walk beforehand to get rid of some excess energy; brush their coat; don’t let them drink water immediately before the session if they have long fur around their mouths and so on. I also like to get some information about what style of photography appeals to you most – an arty, posed portrait or a more candid image? Are you after a bespoke framed print or a story-telling album? Sometimes clients don’t know what products they would like until they’ve seen the images from the session and this is absolutely fine, we can discuss what options are most suited for you at the Viewing and Ordering Appointment.

What if the weather isn’t behaving?

Not an unusual scenario in this country! Usually overcast days work very well as the light is much more diffuse with no harsh shadows cast over faces etc. If it is very hot or wet or windy we will agree on another day and time – I want your pet to be as comfortable as possible at all times.

How do I book?

Simply send me an enquiry by email,   or by texting/calling me on 07445956854 A Session Fee is required when you are ready to reserve your date and time of appointment.


Life can get complicated. If this happens to you let me know as soon as possible and I will endeavour to work out the best solution for both of us. If you cancel 14 days prior to your Session you will receive a full refund of any monies paid. Less than 14 days and the fee is non-refundable but your Session can be rescheduled.

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