Ray & Diane Carruthers.

We are a family business, Based in a village in Scotland called Ecclefechan (no its not a swear word lol ). We are lucky to live in such a lovely area. While i take take pictures my lovely wife runs the office.

Why choose to work with me?

I have the experience, patience and skills to work with the wily, the distracted, the indifferent, the talkers, the goofballs, and the dreamers. Most of the pets I photograph are anything but posers! I work until I have captured that spirit in images you’ll be thrilled to hang on your walls. Ones that will make you glow inside every time you see them. Because they are a reflection of your love for your pet.

My philosophy is simple: catch and release. I’ll catch your pet’s awesome story in my camera and release it into stunning artwork and storybooks for you to treasure forever. 


Are you ready to book a pet photography experience that feels more like a family play date and less like a traditional portrait session?

To me there is no other bond quite like the one we share with our pets and that is the bond I want to document for you. I am passionate about capturing the relationship between you and your pet. I am focused on highlighting dogs of all breeds, colour, shapes, sizes and ages. I love it when I can show their true personality in an authentic way.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to photograph your pets. I want to create a beautiful testament of your love that will adorn the walls of your home. 

  My desire to capture precise moments and the personality or mood of my subjects is what drives me to create, my quiet patience is what helps me to bond with my subject. My dream is to create images that you will cherish forever.

  • How do I book?

email me on : raycarruthersphotography@outlook.com

Simply send me an enquiry by email, or by texting/calling me on 07445956854
A Session Fee is required when you are ready to reserve your date and time of appointment.

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